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Residence Mareblù

For Your Safe Holiday

Principina a Mare is the ideal location to spend a safe holiday. The large beach and the immense pine forest have always made distancing natural.

We at Mareblù, during this period of closure, are working to make our environments even safer for employees and guests.
In addition to the high standard of cleanliness to which our guests have always been accustomed, this year we will go one step further.

This is our protocol to counter the spread of Covid-19 and enjoy a peaceful holiday.

Inside the Apartments:

  1. Sanitizing the apartments and air conditioners at each guest change with hydrogen peroxide-based products (including all dishes)
  2. Disposable hygienic pillow covers and mattress covers
  3. Sofa covers and baby beds sanitized with steam
  4. Disposable remote control holders
  5. Linen change using special bags, without staff entering the apartments in the absence of guests

Residence Mareblù
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